tempo logoFor more than 45 years Walden has been committed to effecting positive social change by offering working adults innovative, student-centered educational programs.

Walden is proud to introduce Tempo Learning, a custom-paced educational experience designed to support you in earning your degree on your terms.

Tempo Learning puts progress within reach every day. It’s the chance to be a student and work at a pace that fits your lifestyle. It’s the learning experience that recognizes your life experience by allowing you to accelerate your progress to account for what you already know. And, the more experience you have, the faster you go and the less you pay. Tempo Learning is the opportunity to pursue your degree anywhere, on any device, at any time—helping you build real-world skills that you can apply at work the very next day

Tempo Learning currently offers the following programs:

Request information about any of these competency-based programs. Contact one of our enrollment advisors by calling 1-855-598-3427.

Sign-Up Now — Step Inside Tempo Learning ® by Walden University - Online Webinar

When: 29 June 2017 - 12:00 PM EDT

Where: Online Live Webinar

This one hour webinar is a great introduction to Tempo Learning® by Walden, a new way to earn your advanced degree that allows you to go at your own pace and take advantage of what you already know.

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Tempo Learning provides you with the tools to manage your degree program on your terms. A unique, mobile-first learning experience ensures you can plan, map, and track your progress through your degree program and easily connect with other students and faculty as you learn.


Easy-to-use tools expressly created to put progress within reach.

Plan / Map / Track
Looking to get from Point A to Point B? Want to remember where you've been? Plan / Map / Track is there for you. It lets you know what you've completed, what’s coming next, and the fastest path to completing your degree.
Raise My Hand©
Asking for help should be as easy as raising your hand. Get help from your team, your teacher, or your coach with Raise My Hand. You can use Raise My Hand from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time.
Mobile Learning
We realize the importance of fitting learning into your spare time. This is why the Tempo Learning experience was built to be used on the go. All of our programs are available to you anytime, anywhere -- whether it’s from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
Academic Coach
Success requires partnership. Your Walden Academic Coach is your dedicated partner throughout the length of your program. Coaches serve as advisors, mentors, and teachers. They work with you each week to make sure you’re getting the support and resources needed to succeed.

Which Program Format is Right for You?

Compare highlights of the two program formats to decide which best suits your career goals and learning preferences.
Tempo Learning™ Course-Based
Approach to Learning Self-directed and personalized. Progress toward your degree by completing competencies – smaller discrete units of learning – and assessments. Faculty regularly engage with you to ensure you are receiving the support you need to make progress. Instructor-led with set time frames. Progress toward your degree by completing a prescribed set of courses. Faculty lead discussions and assign coursework.
Learning Outcomes Learning outcomes are developed for the specific degree program. They do not change, regardless of learning model. Learning outcomes are developed for the specific degree program. They do not change, regardless of learning model.
Time to Completion You set the pace. Your time to completion varies depending on how much you want to learn during a given time period or if you can apply prior knowledge and experience to assessments. The program structure—based on taking one or two courses in a given term—factors into your time to completion. Depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable, you will earn your degree within a predetermined time frame.
Length of Term You can complete as many competencies in a 3-month term as you want. Depending on your degree program, you are enrolled in 11-week quarter-based programs or 8-week semester-based programs.
Start Dates 12 starts a year—on the first Monday of every month. Up to 6 starts a year, depending on program of choice.
Transfer of Credit Transfer up to half of your required graduate credits. Transfer up to half of your required graduate credits.
Cost of Program The faster you go, the less you pay. Tempo Learning is priced as an all-you-can-learn model. Instead of paying for courses or credit hours, you subscribe to 3-month learning periods during which you can complete as many competencies as your skill, experience, and time allow. Your tuition cost is based on the number of credit hours required for the program.
Faculty and Support Structure Three specialized roles:
  • Academic Coach: Serves as your mentor and advisor, making sure you are on track and helping you get the resources you need.
  • Subject Matter Experts: Faculty who can share their expertise in one or more competencies.
  • Assessors: Faculty who evaluate your work according to rubrics and provide timely feedback.
A dedicated faculty member leads and facilitates each course. These faculty members serve as the subject matter experts and also evaluate your coursework. They have a broad range of experience and excel at integrating their expertise into the classroom.
Which Style of Learning Is Right for You? Choose Tempo Learning if you:
  • Are a working professional and already have significant work experience in your field.
  • Are an independent learner (self-directed) and self-motivated.
  • Like working at your own pace to learn material.
  • Prefer to accelerate your progress by applying what you already know
Choose our traditional program if you:
  • Are a self-motivated working professional looking to advance in your field.
  • Prefer established deadlines and a fixed workload.
  • Like regular interaction with fellow students and professors

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