Project Management (Competency-Based)

Enhance your ability to motivate people, foster teamwork, oversee complex projects, and achieve cost-effective results. In the Project Management competency-based MBA specialization, you will explore strategies for supervising projects of various scopes and sizes. You will learn how to avoid common project pitfalls through a series of real-world exercises that put your newfound project management skills to work.

Walden has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI).® As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), Walden has agreed to abide by PMI-established quality assurance criteria.

The self-paced, competency-based education option is for working professionals, meaning that your progress is measured by the mastery or demonstration of skills, abilities, and knowledge in a particular area of study.

Each competency we include in your path to a degree has been carefully designed by expert faculty with input from employers, with your education and future employment in mind.

Areas of Expertise and Competency Descriptions

The MBA program with a specialization in Project Management includes competencies grouped within Areas of Expertise.

Business Essentials (WMBA 4990):

  • BE001 Business Leadership, Management, Business Ethics, and the Legal Environment of Business: Recognize ethical, legal, leadership, and human resource issues in the business environment.
  • BE002 Accounting and Finance: Explain key accounting and finance concepts in the business environment.
  • BE003 Economics and Quantitative Methods/Statistics: Recognize economic and statistical concepts and methods used in business.
  • BE004 Information Systems Management and Global Dimensions of Business: Identify factors that support managing information in a global business environment.
  • BE005 Marketing and Business Integration and Strategic Management: Identify the relationship among strategic management, operations management, business integration, and marketing that enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation (WMBA 6020):

  • IG001 Creativity and Innovation in Business: Explain the characteristics of creativity and innovation and the need for both in business today.
  • IG002 Leadership and Innovation: Develop a plan to increase one’s ability to foster a culture of creativity and innovation in an organization.
  • IG003 Climate for Creativity: Evaluate an organization’s climate for creativity in order to foster innovation.
  • IG004 Innovative Solutions in the Workplace: Develop an innovative solution to a workplace challenge using creativity methods and techniques.

Marketing for Competitiveness (WMBA 6060):

  • IG005 Marketing Strategy: Create a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the performance of products and/or services throughout their life cycles.
  • IG006 Market Segmentation Models: Develop viable market segmentation models.
  • IG007 Marketing Alignment: Align marketing tactics and/or strategies with company goals, customer expectations, and company policies related to ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Accounting for Management Decision Making (WMBA 6050):

  • IG008 Financial Statements and Annual Reports: Articulate the various components and interrelationships of financial statements in annual reports.
  • IG009 Accounting Tools and Measures: Use managerial accounting tools appropriately.
  • IG010 Accounting Concepts and Practices: Explain certain accounting concepts and practices and their effects on various stakeholders.
  • IG011 Communicating Accounting Information: Communicate accounting information appropriately to various stakeholders in support of managerial decision-making.

Dynamic Leadership (WMBA 6000):

  • LM001 Leadership Frameworks and Theories: Apply leadership and management frameworks and theories to effectively address business problems and opportunities.
  • LM002 Leadership and Followership: Develop strategies for becoming a more effective leader or follower within various organizational contexts.
  • LM003 Leadership’s Relationship to Management: Analyze relationships and differences between leadership and managerial behaviors and their potential impact on achievement of organizational goals.
  • LM004 Professional and Personal Leadership Planning: Develop a leadership-focused professional and personal growth plan based on reflection, self-assessment, and goal setting, which integrates concepts from documented leadership best practices and frameworks.

Managing People and Promoting Collaboration (WMBA 6010):

  • LM005 Managing People: Use effective management practices to enhance an individual’s motivation, job satisfaction, and performance.
  • LM006 Developing Individual Employees: Employ strategies to attract, develop, and retain motivated and qualified employees.
  • LM007 Building High-Performing Teams: Build high-performing teams that effectively communicate and collaborate.
  • LM008 Managing High-Performing Teams: Manage high-performing teams that effectively communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts.
  • LM009 Applying Ethical Standards: Apply ethical principles when managing people.

Managing Business Information Systems (WMBA 6030):

  • SP001 Information Systems and Business Value: Apply knowledge of the components of business information systems and the role of information systems in optimizing business value.
  • SP002 Implementing and Using Business Information Systems: Partner with information technology (IT) to assess organizational, cultural, and technical contexts and effectively implement and use business information systems.
  • SP003 Risk Management and Business Information Systems: Assess information systems security and legal and ethical risks and develop plans for mitigating information systems risks.

Improving Business Performance (WMBA 6040):

  • SP004 Systems Thinking for Organizational Improvement: Apply systems components, modeling, leverage points, and interventions to improve system performance.
  • SP005 Process Tools and Frameworks: Evaluate the systemic causes of problems in organizational performance and develop solutions using concepts from the theory of constraints.
  • SP006 Organizational Improvement Planning: Develop an integrated plan for improving organizational performance through appropriate interventions using systems thinking and business process improvement tools.

Managerial Finance (WMBA 6070):

  • SF001 Multiple Perspectives on Financial Management: Profile a publicly traded company’s practices related to ethics, social responsibility, and global influence through the lens of financial management.
  • SF002 Executive Dashboard: Conduct financial ratio analysis to understand a company’s financial health and analyze ways to improve in areas revealed as being below industry average.
  • SF003 Sources and Uses of Short-Term Capital: Use multiple techniques to evaluate short-term working capital position and needs.
  • SF004 Sources and Uses of Long-Term Capital: Use multiple techniques to evaluate long-term capital position and needs.

Capstone- Sustainable Business Practices and Strategies (WMBA 6990):

  • SF005 Strategic Situation Analyses: Perform strategic situation analyses and make recommendations to senior leadership with respect to strategy development and execution.
  • SF006 Strategic Action Planning: Create an original strategy playbook and scorecard to guide rigorous strategic analysis of an organization.
  • SF007 Self-Reflection and Continued Professional Growth: Develop an integrative professional and personal growth plan based on self-assessment and reflection.

Specialization: Project Management

Practices in Project Management (WMBA 6620/MSPM 6102):

  • PM001 Project Management Methods: Explain the discipline of project management and its processes.
  • PM002 Project Initiation: Prepare a project charter using standard project management tools and techniques.
  • PM003 Project Planning: Prepare a comprehensive project plan using standard project management tools and techniques.
  • PM004 Project Performance Measurement: Assess project performance against agreed-to criteria using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • PM005 Project Closing Processes: Conduct a post-project audit to close out a project.

Enterprise and Project Risk Management (WMBA 6623/MSPM 6140):

  • PM006 Organizational Risk Strategy: Develop organization-level strategies for managing risks driven by internal and external environmental factors.
  • PM007 Project Risk Management: Prepare a project risk management plan using standard project management tools and techniques.
  • PM008 Project Risk Measurement: Assess project risk performance against agreed-to criteria using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Stakeholder Management and Organizational Behavior (WMBA 6627/MSPM 6160):

  • PM009 Organizational Practices in Project Management: Evaluate how an organization’s structure and culture impact its project management practices.
  • PM010 Strategic Stakeholder Management: Conduct a stakeholder analysis to determine the composition of a stakeholder community and its influence over business strategy and outcomes.
  • PM011 Project Stakeholder Management: Prepare a project stakeholder management plan using standard project management tools and techniques.
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